About The Doc Mobile

The Doc Mobile game features another busy day in a doctor`s life. As she wakes up, Doc McStuffins receives a call from an unknown caller. At this point, Dottie already knows that a very long day of work and check ups awaits for her. Luckily she has her new Doc Mobile with her! It is a small car that allows Dottie to carry all the tools she needs. And she also has you, her best friend, who will surely help her in the times of need. Let`s go! You can cruise around Doc`s neighbourhood by clicking on the patients pictures. These are the characters that need your help and quick. Just like in `Doc and Hallie Check up Challenge`, every patient is different and expects to receive a special treatment. Awesome Man, as awesome as he is, needs a little help with an exercise for biceps. In order to help him, you will have to click on the bar, in the very moment when the meter hits the green zone. Do it three times and up you go for another patient. Each patient you will visit in Doc`s neighbourhood will grant you a new medical tool for your Doc Mobile. Cruise around the neighbourhood and collect all of them. You can also view the stuff you have collected so far, by clicking the Doc Mobile icon. Roll it around and see what`s new on it. Have fun and enjoy taking care of your closed ones!

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