About Stuffy`s Scramble

Oops! Doc McStuffins has dropped some medical items on the floor during her last patient`s check-up. The clinic`s floor is now a terrible mess. Stuffy, as a responsible stuffed dragon, wants to help Doc clean the floor. But he can`t do it without your help. Would you give Stuffy a hand? If yes, then prepare to think and move quickly. Stuffy wants to do his job hurriedly. That is why he has launched himself from the other corner of Doc`s clinic and now he is running as fast as he can, searching for items. In such a hurry, Stuffy can miss some objects, so be very attentive on the stuff that lie on the floor. Pay attention to the list of the objects you need – thermometer, stethoscope, reflex hammer – all these things you have to collect and quick. Click the item once you see it and let Stuffy grab it from the floor. Be careful, don`t miss it. Otherwise, you will have to go all the way around. If you see an object that is not on your list, help Stuffy jump above that object. See his wings fluttering? He is trying to fly! Who knows, maybe at the end of Stuffy`s Scramble , he will be able to spread widely spread his wings and fly around Doc`s clinic! Stuffy`s Scramble is another game that features Stuffy, the stuffed dragon. Play this game to have some fun with one of the Doc`s best friends. And during that, don`t let Stuffy trip on the objects on the floor.

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