About Sparkly Ball Sports

A good doctor, as Doc McStuffins herself uses to say, must not only cure Patients, but also prevent emergence of a disease, or a trauma. Thus, a good doctor like Dottie would always suggest you to play some sports in order for your body to be healthy. And since today is a sunny, peaceful day in Kingdom of McStuffins, Dottie decides to take Lambie, Stuffie,Chillie and Hallie, on a nearby field to play some sparkly ball sports. The magical stethoscope is ready to do its job so that Doc`s friends can come to life for another adventure. Will you join them? If you decide to join them and play some sparkly ball games, take your time and choose a ball you want to play with. Pick a color you like most from a rainbow of beautiful nuances and let`s go on the field! There are three games for you to exercise your muscles and keep your stamina up. One of them is `Astro Ball`. You play as Stuffy, a blue, little dragon with the skills of a goalkeeper! Your task, as you may have inferred, is to protect the ball from falling into the red bucket behind you. Lambie and Hallie will try to perform some tricky shots on you, but you have what it takes to be a good dragon.. uhm... a good goalkeeper, I mean. If you like `Angry Birds`, than you will surely like this next one. In `Tippy Tower Ball` you can build you toy tower and then launch a ball at it in order to… destroy it, of course. You play as Bronty, the dinosaur you probably saw in the TV series. In the name of the chaos, destroy the castle! In `Team Boing Ball` you play with Doc McStuffins and all her friends. The field is separated in half, so you kinda play volleyball, since your task is not to let the ball drop on your side. Good luck with that! All these games will keep you in good shape. However, don`t forget to exercise in real life also!

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