About Snowman Roll-Up

Are you tired of the clumsy weather outside? Good news, winter has just come in Doc McStuffins`s Kingdom! Now all the neighborhood is covered in white! The snow is fluffy and it`s just about everywhere – from Doc`s backyard clinic to the hills and beyond. That means it is a good time for Chilly play with his icy friends. But oh no! Chilly doesn`t have anyone to play with, since there are no snowmen in the neighborhood. Will you help Doc McStuffins, Stuffy and Lambie roll up a snowman friend for Chilly? How cool! Once you are ready to roll Chilly an icy, fluffy friend, go up the hill and follow Doc`s instructions, just like you came to her for a check-up. In order to build a snowman, you need to roll three big snowballs in a row. Prepare your gloves and roll the snowball down the hill. You control the characters using your mouse. Once you go down the hill, try and build a bigger snowball by collecting the snowflakes that are scattered here and there. Once in awhile, you will find a scarf, or a pair of warm gloves left by someone. Go ahead and collect the clothes, so that Doc and her friends could be all warm and cosy. Collecting clothes will also grant you bonus points. Once all Doc`s friends have rolled their snowballs, build a stylish snowman for Chilly to hang around with. You will notice that not all the items are unlocked, which implies that you will have to go downhill again, in order to collect the other items. Have fun playing this wonderful game and stay warm!

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