About Officer Pete`s Hot Pursuit

One day bright, sunny day, Officer Pete, the toy police car who keeps the backyard crime safe, was resting in the shadow of a big, green oak. He was spending his time restlessly, chilling himself. But that was until Evil King stole Doc McStuffins`s necklace. Now Officer Pete has to retrieve Doc`s necklace and – who knows – maybe he will catch the Evil King himself! Are you interested in playing a game that features something a little different than mending toys and finding doctor tools? If yes, than `Officer Pete`s Hot Pursuit` is a game just for you. As you may have guessed, you will be playing as Officer Pete. He is an officer at duty, so you should take your job seriously. Now let`s head to the controls. You can steer Officer Pete around using the arrows on your keyboard. Do that to avoid colliding with various toys or rocks that are scattered throughout Dottie`s garden. During your chase, it is important to keep Officer Pete`s temperature down. Watch the indicator at the top of your screen. Once it starts getting red, consider drinking some cold water. If the heat starts annoying you, rest in the shade to get your temperature down. Once you`re cool enough to continue your chase, follow Evil King`s trails and try and catch him. The indicator in the upper right corner of your screen shows how close you are to Evil King`s train. Good luck with catching Evil King and don`t forget to drink water and stay in shade on hot days.

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