About Melinda`s Making a Splash

Doc McStuffins has a lot of friends. No wonder – she is the best toy doctor in the world! Having a good staff that cares about the patients can surely guarantee you a lot of toys coming and going to and from your clinic. One of Dottie`s friends is Melinda, a mermaid. Dottie and Melinda met at the wading pool the other day. Have you seen them meeting in Doc McStuffins TV series? If yes, then you may remember that Melinda had some problems – she could not swim properly. At first, this fact disgruntled Lambie, who thought every mermaid can swim perfectly. Melida herself was very awkward about her inability to swim. Of course, when everybody around think that all the mermaids are born with the innate ability to swim! The truth is Ariel, the Little Mermaid herself was once a beginner at swimming. So, don`t intimidate poor Melinda, but rather, let`s teach her to swim! In `Melinda`s making a splash` you teach a mermaid to swim. Control Melinda`s movements by pressing the arrows on your keyboard as shown in the beginning of the game. Your task is to guide Melinda to all the stars in the pool. Collect as many of them as you can. Being a mermaid is not only about swimming straightly. From time to time, you will have to jump above other swimmers in the pool! Perform a graceful jump by pressing `space` button, and dive back in the water. Swim the whole pool as fast as you can and collect purple stars that will grant you bonus mermaid stars. Help Melinda become a skillful swimmer and have fun!

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