About Lambie`s Ballet

Ready for an original memory game? Those kind of games that really test your ability to memorize things? If yes, than we here have a good one. Lambie wants to practice some ballet moves and she chose you to help her to it right. She hasn`t practiced for a long long time, so be patient with here. Are you ready? Now you probably thinking, how does Lambie`s ballet will test your memory. Easy! Each step Lambie takes correspond to a certain on-screen button that lightens up when Lambie performs a move. In order for Lambie to have a graceful, fluid dance, you will have to repeat each move she makes. You do that by pressing the on-screen buttons. In the first place, Lambie will show you the move. When the star in the right of your game screen glows with bright yellow, press the move`s button. See the magic?! Lambie dances! She is really slender. But you have to be very accurate. You must memorize the correct sequence you need to press in order for Lambie to perform the dance correctly. As you can see from this game, Doc McStuffins is not only about curing stuffed animals and toys. There is a lot of funny stuff going on around McStuffins Kingdom. Stay tuned with every new game we add, so that you can never miss any adventure. Have fun!

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