About Hide and Seek

Good news! On this day you will not have to mend and clean any stuffed animals. You have been doing so well that the queue at Doc`s office almost disappear! You surely will be a good nurse, or maybe even a doctor! For that, let us all have a little party and – why not? – play a hide and seek! Doc`s friends are ready to play. Playful and romantic Lambie, soft-hearted Staffy and the hurried Lenny the fire truck – they are all in Doc`s lobby waiting for you to join them. Since there is no one but them in the clinic, they decided to play hide and seek. And where do you think the will hide? Well, there are a lot of places! Behind the couch, behind, or even inside the sofa! Not good enough of a hiding place? Try the corner, or the nearest vase. But stop… You are the one who has to seek everybody. Yes, that`s the real life, baby! The camera will be moving around, and you will have to watch closely. Spot all Doc`s friends by pressing space in the very moment you see them. Some of your friends, like Hallie, can very conspicuous, but Lambie will surely try to avoid your gaze at all costs. Take your time and escape the everyday doctor`s life. Put all the tasks apart and enjoy this little, entertaining game. Breathe joy into monotony and let your patients smile. After all, if the doctor smiles, it means that he has some good news.

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