About Heal Friends

Someone said that doctors can not get ill or injured. But that, my friend, is a terrible lie. Everyone can have temperature or even catch a serious cold, even Doc McStuffins`s best friends – Lambie, Chilly, Stuffy and Hallie! They had a trip outside of the town. They played a game of basketball, and got badly injured. Can you imagine how Doc`s clinic will be able to work without the help of her assistants?! Neither do I! So it is important for you and Doc McStuffins quickly heal Doc`s best friends. Let`s do it together. In Heal Friends, you play as Dottie herself. You have a plenty of medical supplies, that will help you mend your injured friends. You should start mending your friends by choosing Hallie. Note that you can not start healing another Doc`s friend, except Hallie – they are all locked yet. In order to unlock Lambie and others, you should first heal Hallie. Prove that you are a good friend and an exceptional doctor. Choose the tools you need and observe your patient`s reactions. While playing Heal Friends, you take the decisions on whether what tool to use first. Feel free navigate between your tools and use them wisely. If you don`t know what`s a tool for, a suggestion will pop up on your game screen. Follow it and take care of all Dottie`s friends! As you can see in this game, a good friend will always help you in times of trouble. Doc McStuffins knows how to treat her friends. We can only hope that they won`t get in any troubles!

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