About Hallie`s Hunt

If you played other Doc McStuffins games, than you may know that there are some very busy days at Doc`s backyard clinic. If you consider that it`s time for you to help Dottie and her stuffed animal friends, you can go try yourself as a nurse. In Hallie`s Hunt , however, the busy working day is over and now Hallie has to clean up the clinic. But there is such a mess around! Could you help Hallie a little? Cool! Now as you see, Hallie is on a real hunt. In this particular game she isn`t on a hunt for new patients or for some fluffy snow that has fallen last night. No! This time Hallie is hunting for some objects that are disorderly thrown up all over the clinic. As Doc McStuffins used quite a lot of medical items in order to mend her last patient, you and Hallie will have some work to do. Keep your eyes on the objects you need to find and go on with your search! The list of the items you need to find and take care of is displayed in the top of your screen. Once you find an item, point and click it in order to guide Hallie to it. Do it as many times Donnie requires to and clean up the clinic. `Hallie`s Hunt` gives you another insight on doctors life. Play this game and learn that it is not enough only to heal your patients. It is mandatory to also have your place clean. Have fun!

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