About Frost Magic

Can not hear any bells ringing in your area? The snow hasn`t covered your neighborhood under its cold, white veil yet? Or maybe you live in an area where it doesn`t snow at all, but you still like the cold beauty of Christmas? Don`t worry. This time our website brings you a very special game. In `Frost Magic` you won`t have to cure any stuffed animals, or find some hidden doctor tools for Doc McStuffins. No! This game brings the atmosphere of a peaceful winter to your monitor. Are you ready to embrace it? If yes, than rejoice, since Christmas has now come to your houseā€¦ or to your monitor. With this game, you can draw some figures on frozen windows. At first, pick a style for the window you want to draw on. If you are a fan of Doc McStuffins, choose an appropriate window frame and up you go. If you, however, you are a fan of `Mickey Mouse Clubhouse`, let us say, than choose the window according to your preference. In order to draw use your mouse. Drag it around the window, just like you use to drag your finger while painting, and create some heart-warming figures. See how the window duplicates your painting? Use this to your advantage in order to create some stunning winter pictures. In `Frost Magic` you can use real magic to quickly decorate your window with some frost! Feel the magic of the winter, and embrace its beauty in this pleasant game.

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