About Doc`s Seek and Find

What a tragedy! All Doc`s friends are sick and there is no one who can help Dottie around her clinic! Wait a second… Do you want to be Doc McStuffins`s assistant for a day? You will be doing just fine in doctor`s outfit, we assure you! So, grab the things you need and go help Dottie. Since all Doc`s assistants including Hallie herself are sick, you are now in charge of the doctor tools. But what a bad luck! All the doctor tools Dottie needs to cure her friends are now scattered all over the place! As a responsible assistant, in `Doc`s Seek and Find` you will have to find all the doctor tools Dottie needs. Think you can do that? Let`s start then! But don`t be hasty. Once you choose a difficulty level, Doc McStuffins will guide you to one of her patients. At first, you will start you carreer at Doc`s clinic as a surgeon. Once you find more and more doctor tools, you will progress, and you will be given access to new patients. During your search through Dottie`s messy lobby, pay attention to the bar at the bottom of your screen. There Dottie will show you the tools she needs you to find. Armed with your mouse and vigilance, you will surely find all the tools! As a reward for your agility you will receive some band aids. You can use them to buy some extra abilities from the main menu of `Doc`s Seek and Find`. Have fun!

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