About Doc`s Painting Pals

Friends out of town? No one to paint with? Don`t have any pencils right now? Don`t panic! If you are a fan of `Doc McStuffins` TV series, Dottie`s friends are here to help you with your paintings. As you will see this game, they are not good only around Doc`s backyard clinic. They can also help fill your painting in bright colors. Will you let them do it? Take Doc`s friends out of clinic and let them join you at coloring. Lambie, Stuffy, Chillie and Hallie can serve you for good. When you see yourself at the drawing spot, you will have two options – either to choose one out of three completed images, or to do draw one of your own. The painting pals are always with you. You can spot Doc`s best friends in the upper left corner of your game screen. As you start moving your brush around, you will notice that each stuffed animal has his or her special way of drawing. If you want to draw a slender line, let Lambie come to your help by clicking on her image. If you want a thicker line, choose Hallie. And if you want to add some stars to your picture -- pick Stuffy – he knows his job. If you don`t like your picture, consider using the eraser. With `Doc`s Painting Pals`, you always have someone to draw with you. Once you`re done painting, clean up your painting pals, and feel free to print your picture. Have fun!

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