About Doc McStuffins Clinic

If you ever feared a doctor, tremble no more! At Doc McStuffins clinic you will meet one of the most friendly and harmless doctors` team ever. The leader of the team is Dottie McStuffins herself. Dottie, as you may know from the TV series, is a six-year-old girl who wants to become a doctor. In order to help the toys around her and also get some practice in nursing, she opens her very own toy clinic. Doc McStuffins is not alone on her mission. Thanks to her magical stethoscope, she can make toys come to life. Lambie, Chilly, Stuffy and Hallie is her best friends and also her assistants. They help her on the busy days at the clinic. In this game, you play Doc`s role, so you have to be sure that all the toys and stuffed animals feel good. Good luck, Doc! As you can see, the lobby of the clinic is quite crowded. That means you will have a lot of work to do. Choose a patient and put him a diagnosis. Start by using you stethoscope to make the patient come to life. Then, use the tools provided on the game screen. Try them all – thermometer, reflex hammer, stethoscope. Once Doc has a diagnosis, check the Big Book of Boo Boos to see what you can do about the disease. Maybe the patient simply needs some rest, or maybe, his batteries need to be charged! Once you see your patient on the playground, check out for what he needs further. To get more care items, play addition games in the gaming area. Have fun!

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