About Disney Junior Jamboree

Have you ever thought of adding some fresh tunes to Doc McStuffins`s clinic? Well, with Disney Junior Jamboree you can now tune your own song. Create and perfectionate your song using the tools this game provides you with and – who knows – maybe one day will be a sound director at Disney! Your team is ready to go! Doc McStuffin`s toy friends – Lambie, Chilly, Staffy, Hallie and Squeakers prepare their special instruments and are ready to blast the stage. When you arrange them before playing your final version of the song, notice that each character has his or her tune. If Chilly will surprise you with his low, echoed instrumental, Lambie, who is a gifted singer in TV series, has a softer voice. They will be a perfect match – an ideal balance between tones. The secret of singing a good song along with Doc`s friends, as you can guess, is to successfully combine each character`s ability. Once your song is ready, go on and edit it a simple, yet stylish video, that will make your song stand out. In order to do that, explore the various buttons scattered on your game screen. Want some geometrical figures to float on your game screen while Doc`s band perform their new song? Easily! Once your masterpiece is ready, why don`t you share it with your friends? To do that, once your band rehearsed the song, click the second button on the center of your game screen. You will get an URL for your song, which you can send to your friends. Create and share your music with Doc McStuffins!

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