About Checkup Challenge

Some days at Doc`s clinic are very busy. Patients keep coming and the queue at Doc`s office is getting bigger. That is why Doc McStuffins really needs your help this time. As you can already guess, in Doc and Hallie`s Checkup challenge you play as Hallie, Doc`s assistant. First, your task is to survive the busy days at the clinic. Next, your goal is to help Dottie do as many checkups as she can. Think you can cope with all of that? If yes, than be ready, the busy days have just started. As Doc`s nurse, you have to open the clinics door for patients to enter. Let them comfortably rest on the sofa, while they wait for Doc to call them in. As the lobby gets crowdy, follow Dottie`s suggestions and notice the tool she needs when doing her check ups. You will know what tool to give Dottie by the little balloons that pop over her head. Examine the multitude of tools using your mouse and pick the right one. If you are confused, Dottie will explain you the purpose of each tool, so you will be fine. Boppy, Bronty, Lenny – the queue is very motley at Doc`s clinic. Once she finishes with another patient, Hallie needs to note the patient`s name in her notebook. You will have to receive from three to nine patients per day and also be sure to right their names in the notebook. All of that, you have to do within a specific time limit. Thus, you have to be swift and accurate, since the patients don`t like to spend their whole day at Doc`s office`s door. Have fun feel the pressure of being a real doctor along with Doc McStuffins and her friends.

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