About Check-Up Time

Do you like Doc McStuffins`s office? Are you a die hard fan of the popular TV series? Do you also want to be a doctor, and you want have a little practice on Dottie`s friends? If yes, than you have come to the right place. Our website gives you a throughout insight on what Doc McStuffins`s word is like. Get your magical stethoscope – it should be here somewhere – and let`s do some check-ups! One thing you need to know before proceeding straight to your patients is that some days at Doc`s clinic might be very stressful and busy. On these days Doc needs you especially. Since there are a lot of stuffed animals that come to Dottie`s clinic, she needs someone to take care of all the patients. Doc`s friend, Hallie, is ready to help, but upon some occasions, even she can not cope with the huge line. Now you know why Doc McStuffins needs you. You play this game with your mouse. Most of the cases you will have to use your mouse in order to spot the area that needs to be cured. Move the magnifier around your patient`s body – see how it tickles?! Well, after you`re done with tickling your patients, follow the in-game instructions to clean and cure them. You will receive stars based upon how you did your job. The more stars you collect, the better doctor you are! Have fun!

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