About Bathtime

It`s bath time at Doc McStuffins clinic! Even the toys have to take a good bath filled with bubbles from time to time. That is why Doc McStuffins took all the toys she could find around her clinic, poured some hot water in her bathtub and put her toys in it. Squeakers, Lenny and Sir Kirby – these are only a few characters from the TV series you will meet here. Find out who else joined Doc McStuffins`s bathtub. From among all the toys that have ever been in Dottie`s bathroom, the most greasy and, thus, the most difficult to clean is Sir Kirby. If you watch the TV series on Disney channel, you may have seem the episode where Dottie borrows Sir Kirby from her brother, Donnie. Donnie readily gives his toy to his sister, but he doesn`t know how messy Sir Kirby actually is. It is only after Dottie cleans him that his armor shines even brighter than before. This is exactly what you will have to do in `Bath time!`. Are you ready to clean Sir Kirby? In order to give Doc`s toys a new, shining look, you will have to clean them by clicking the space button. But you shouldn`t randomly press the space button. It`s best to press it when the toy you need to clean is in the center of your screen. Repeat this procedure a few times, and the toy is clean. Doc`s mission is completed!

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